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Skin Cancer Services in Melbourne

Our skin clinic services offer comprehensive care and accurate diagnosis. In your Skin Cancer journey, we’re here to help.

Our Skin Cancer Services

Diagnose & Prevention 

Our skin cancer screening services offer a complete skin examination by digital dermoscopy, where moles and other skin lesions can be photographed and recorded on a body map for accurate diagnosis and follow-up. 

This screening process takes 15-20 minutes and involves photography of skin cancers or other skin spots of interest. These images are stored securely within the medical records and are used only to diagnose, monitor and treat skin cancers.

Using advanced imaging techniques, we capture detailed photographs of all your moles. The Full Body Mole Mapping involves taking around 30 zoomed-out photos from different angles to document all the spots on your skin. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our imaging software can then analyse for changes to any of these spots, allowing us to detect skin cancers earlier.

Transform and enhance the appearance of scars with our Scar Revision Services. Whether your scars result from previous surgeries, injuries, or skin conditions, our skilled professionals offer a range of surgical and non-surgical solutions. 

Non-Surgical Procedures 

Our Topical Treatments Service provides targeted solutions for managing precancerous lesions and early-stage skin cancers. By applying medicated cream solutions directly to the affected area, we offer a non-invasive option for effective treatment.  

Cryosurgery is a minimally invasive approach using extreme cold to treat abnormal tissues. Liquid nitrogen is applied to freeze and eliminate precancerous lesions or superficial skin cancers. 

Surgical Procedures

Discover our Wide Local Excision Service, a comprehensive and effective approach to skin cancer removal. Our skilled team of skin specialists remove the cancerous tissue along with a margin of healthy surrounding skin, ensuring thorough extraction under local anesthesia. 

Skin Grafts involve transplanting healthy skin from one part of your body to another, covering surgical wounds resulting from skin cancer removal. Trust us for expert care that ensures optimal healing and cosmetic restoration.

Skin flaps are reconstructive procedures that use advanced techniques to move skin and blood vessels from one area to another. This ensures comprehensive coverage of surgical sites, resulting in both functional and aesthetically pleasing outcomes. 

When To Visit A Skin Specialist?

If you experience sudden changes in moles, the development of new or irregular skin lesions, or severe and unresponsive acne, it’s time to seek the expertise of a skin specialist. 

Regular check-ups are essential, especially for those with a family history of skin cancer or frequent sun exposure, ensuring early detection and effective management of various skin conditions. Prioritise your skin health by recognising these symptoms:

  • Persistent itching
  • Unexplained rashes
  • Sudden changes in moles
  • Development of new or irregular skin lesions
  • Chronic conditions like eczema or psoriasis
  • Unexplained bruising
  • Extreme dryness
  • Prolonged redness

The ABCDE Parameters

Early detection significantly increases the chances of successful treatment. The ABCDE parameters serve as a valuable guide:

A: Asymmetry – If one half of a mole or spot does not match the other.

B: Border – Irregular, blurred, or jagged edges.

C: Colour – Variation in colour or multiple colours within a mole.

D: Diameter – Moles exceeding 6 millimetres in diameter.

E: Evolution – Any change in size, shape, or colour over time.

Early Detection Is Key In The Fight Against Skin Cancer.

In the battle against skin cancer, early detection is a crucial weapon. Regular check-ups can identify potential issues before they escalate. Fast intervention not only improves treatment success but can also be life-saving. 

Need A Skin Check?

Are you concerned about a suspicious mole or spot? Your skin health is our priority, and early detection is key. Book an appointment with our experienced skin specialists today for a thorough skin check. Whether it’s a new or changing mole or any unusual skin concerns, our experts are here to provide personalised care

Take a proactive step, and make all the difference. Schedule your skin check now to stay ahead in the fight against skin cancer. 

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