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Skin Cancer Services

At Manningham Skin Cancer Clinic, we pride ourselves on the range of services we provide to our patients.

Skin Cancer Screening

We offer comprehensive skin cancer checks aided by digital dermoscopy, where moles and other skin lesions can be photographed and recorded on a map of your body for accurate diagnosis and follow up. This screening process takes between 15-20 minutes. During this process we may identify skin lesions that may require biopsy, or cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen. You can read more about various types of skin cancer on the information page.

Full skin examination may involve photography of skin cancers or other skin spots of interest. These images are stored securely within the medical records and are used only for the purpose of diagnosing, monitoring and treatment of skin cancers.

Skin Cancer Surgery

We also offer skin cancer surgery for confirmed skin cancers, and is done on site in our purpose built procedure room.
Procedures are done under local anaesthesia, so you will be able to go home the same day.


A Medicare rebate applies to most services, depending on the time taken for the appointment and the type of service

  • Standard Private Consultation: – $110.00 ($125 on Saturdays).
  • Pension Card Holder: – $70.00 ($80 on Saturdays).
  • Patients are required to pay an out of pocket fee for surgical procedures. Medicare will rebate a part of this cost.


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