Common Causes of Skin Cancer

Know About Common Causes of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer has been an increasing problem around the world. However, Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. According to some stats, about 2000 Australian citizens have had a fatal encounter with skin cancer, and two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. This is because of the climatic conditions in the country, and its geographical latitude result in high amount of harsh UV rays. This article discusses some causes of skin cancer.

Read on to know more about the basic causes of skin cancer which can help you to take preventive care. Common cause of skin cancer- Skin cancer is a result of mutations in the DNA of skin cells. Due to these mutations, skin cells tend to grow out of control and result in formation of a mass of cancer cells.

Given below are the common causes of skin cancer.

  1. Exposure to ultraviolet light.

UV rays are proven to be highly harmful to skin, as they affect the DNA in skin cells. UV is measured based on an index, and it is recommended to wear sun protection any time the UV index is above 3. In Melbourne the UV index is above 3 most days except during winter.

  1. Having fair and vulnerable skin.

Although it is true that anyone can get skin cancer despite their skin colour, people with fairer skin complexion are more vulnerable to skin cancer. Melanin is a pigment which works as a protection from UV radiation. Thus, lesser amount of melanin means increased risk of skin cancer.

  1. Tendency of sunburns.

Having repeated episodes of sunburn particularly as a child or teenager increases your risk of developing skin cancer as an adult.

  1. Excessive exposure to sun.

Anybody who is exposed to the sun for a considerable time without protection may be at the risk of developing skin cancer.

  1. Extremely sunny and high-altitude climates.

People who reside in sunny, high altitude climates are exposed extreme sunlight. This can put one at the risk of suffering from skin cancer.

  1. Moles.

People having multiple abnormal moles (dysplastic nevi), are at the risk of skin cancer. This is a symptom which can help medical experts to diagnose the disease at earlier stages. So, if you notice such abnormal moles developing on your skin, then is wise to get a check up from a skin cancer clinic.

  1. Precancerous skin lesion.

Having skin lesions called as actinic keratoses may increase your probability of developing skin cancer. These lesions are precancerous skin growths which appear as rough and scaly patches and are brown or dark pink in colour. These lesions typically appear on hands or head.

  1. Hereditary factors and weakened immunity.

In case one of your parents or a sibling has suffered from skin cancer, you may be at the risk of skin cancer. Also, people with weak immune systems have a greater risk of developing skin cancer. This includes people suffering from HIV/AIDS, and those consuming immunosuppressant drugs following to a specific organ transplant.

  1. Exposure to harmful radiation or other harmful substances.

People who have received radiation treatment for skin conditions like psoriasis may also have a risk of developing skin cancer. Also, extreme exposure to harmful substances like arsenic, may lead to skin cancer.

This brief summary covers the common causes of skin cancer. If you wish to know more about how to prevent this hazardous disease, then you need to consult with the skin cancer expert. Also, if you are someone who is suffering from such a condition and looking for a skin cancer expert in Blackburn, then Manningham Skin Cancer Clinic| Blackburn is the right place for you. To know more about us, connect with us and schedule an appointment with our medical experts.